SB 1215 Killed – Referral for Profit is Alive & Well and CPTA Lobbyist Carl London Approves

If you thought that PTs would lose the referral for profit battle again…you were right.

CA Senator Hernandez’s bill, SB 1215 was shot down gaining only 1 aye vote…Senator Hernandez himself.

It’s really no surprise but what is surprising is the inside news we received.

Carl London offered to pull physical therapists from the bill if it would help the bill get passed.

You see, Carl London doesn’t see any problem with referral for profit.

Do You?

It’s time to clean up the CPTA’s house.  CPTA members deserve better and so do California patients.

Call the CPTA at 916-929-2782

Demand that Chris Powers, our CPTA president, remove Carl London immediately.

If healing is to occur, it has to start with solid principles & ethics.

Does Carl London have any principles?  How could he if he approves of Referral for Profit?


NO ON AB 1000: Disastrous Fiscal Policy

A Sampling of Studies on Referral-for- Profit


Video streaming by Ustream

1.  President Obama’s 2014 Budget Recommends Banning Payment for POPTS

2.  Simpson-Bowles Federal Deficit Commission Recommends Closing In-office Ancillary Services Exception (IOAS) (see page 27)

3.  The Bipartisan Policy Center, chaired by Senators Tom Daschle and Bill Frist, MD Recommends Constraining Self-Referral to ‘Accountable’ Organizations in Concert with President Obama’s Vision (see page 66)

4.  US Senate Finance Committee Hammers Physician Self-Referral to Anatomic Pathology Services: In 2010, Increased “Self-Referrals” Led to More Than 900,000 Unnecessary Referrals Costing Medicare $69 Million

5.  US Senate Finance Committee Hammers Physician Self-Referral to Imaging Services: GAO Report Finds Physician Self-Referrals Cost Medicare More Than $100 Million Annually, Pose Risk to Beneficiaries

6.  Journal of American Medical Association Shows Greater Profits, Less Time Spent With Patients, Less PTs Hired in Favor of Unlicensed Personnel, and ‘Cherry Picking’ of Better Paying Insurances in POPTS.

7.  Office of the Inspector General Demonstrates 91% of Care in POPTS Falls Below Standard, Costing Medicare $136 Million in Fraudulent Care Within the State of Florida.

8.  New England Journal of Medicine Authors Show $233 Million Wasted in CA Workers’ Comp System for POPTS Referrals Based on Economic Rather Than Clinical Reasons.

9.  Med PAC Recommends Narrowing the In-Office Ancillary Services Exception Because of the Explosion in Costs Related to Self-Referral and the Fact That the Reason for the IOAS Was Proven Invalid

10. A New England Journal of Medicine Policy Paper Recommended Curbing Incentives for Self-Referral as an Important Step in Rational Health Care Reform

11.  Kaiser Recommended Limiting Self-Referral to Accountable Organizations Without Self-Referral Incentives

12.  Health Affairs Journal Cited Over-Referral to Urology Lab Services and Poorer Detection of Disease When Urologists Self-Refer to Their Own Lab

13. California Healthline’s Capitol Coverage Exposes Referral for Profit Fraud in Health Affairs Journal

14. Worsening Trends in the Management and Treatment of Back Pain


Media Stories Related to Referral for Profit PT Legislation in California

NBC Bay Area

Caution: State Laws Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

NBC Southern California

CA Medical Corporations Stealing P.T. Trade?

NBC4 Wins 2012 Regional Murrow Award for Stories on Doctor Owned PT Clinics

Physical Therapy Bill Blocks Regulation

Physical Therapy Group Audited by State

Physical Therapy Bill Defeated

Battle Over CA Physical Therapy Intensifies

Physical Therapy Bill Delayed

Physical Therapy Clinics Scrutinized


San Francisco Chronicle

Mary Hayashi’s Theft Focus of MORALS PAC

Merced Sun Star

Physical Therapists Criticize Bill in Assembly

California Healthline

Is Assembly Bill for Physical Therapists or Against Them?

Direct Hiring, Physical Therapist Issue Head CMA List

Will Assembly Bill Help or Hurt Physical Therapists?

Sacramento Bee

Mary Hayashi Runs Third in Alameda County Bid

Capitol Alert: Feud With Mary Hayashi Enters Alameda County Supervisor Race

Capitol AM Alert: Physical Therapists Hold Capitol Screening

San Jose Mercury News

Alameda County District 2 Supervisor Hopeful Mary Hayashi Target of Attack Mailer

Double Dipper Alert on Assembly Bill 783

Oakland Tribune

Mary Hayashi Target of Physical Therapists’ Attack Mailer


  1. Hire an attractive lobbyist like Carolyn Ginno -
  2. Have her date a CA assembly member - http/
  3. Give the assembly member over $25,000 in political donations


What does the CMA get in Return?

Assembly Bill 1003 which legalizes referral for profit, healthcare fraud and patient abuse.

AB 1003 has been merged with AB 1000 and is flying through the legislature.

Where is the concern for the public?  Where’s the outrage?

This is the same guy that was behind the pension cover up in San Diego and almost bankrupt the city.


Stop the Maddness!

CA consumers deserve much better.



1. Buy Off Legislators – CPTA gave $20, 000 of PAC money (which comes mostly from private practice owners) to John Perez.
He’s the leader of the Assembly that killed last year’s compromise bill SB 924.

Buying Off the CMA

2. Forgo Your Ethical Obligations – as health practitioners physical therapists should be held to a higher standard.  That’s why the APTA developed its Code of Ethics.  The CPTA simply chooses to ignore them and is violating several points in the code.

3. CPTA Chooses to Ignore Its Members’ Wants and Needs

The Independent Physical Therapists of CA group published a survey of a sample of CPTA members and they don’t want this trade.  Click here to see that survey.


4. Ignore the Wisdom of Past and Present Leadership

  • Former CPTA President and Executive Director, Patti Evans opposes AB 1000.
  • Dave Hayes, former CPTA president opposes AB 1000.
  • Current PPS president Tom Diangelis and PPS oppose any such compromise.
  • PTPN president, Michael Weinper, PT opposes this compromise.
  • John Wallace, Former Director of the APTA Board opposes AB 1000.
  • The Physical Therapy Business Alliance opposes this compromise bill.

PPS President States He Opposes Any Compromise – It’s Against National APTA Bylaws

 Oppose Letter from the National Private Practice Section


Stop the Madness – Stop POPTS!  Patients deserve better!


This blog post is from and Dr. Tim Flynn, PT:


The Wall Street Journal reported on March 26th about a special fraud alert issued by the inspector general for the Health and Human Services Department.  The alert focused on physician-owned distributorships or PODs.  These PODs are commercial entities run by doctors that have proliferated in the fields of orthopedic and spine surgery. In essence the surgeons own the distributorships which sell the devices to the hospitals or surgery centers and then they get a commission for the sales.

The Office of Inspector General said PODs produced “substantial fraud and abuse risk” and were unlikely to pass muster under the federal Anti-Kickback Statute.   Read the rest by clicking here.




The old saying is that the society has short-term memory syndrome.  In other words, society is quick to forget.

Because referral for profit is patient abuse by CMS definitions, it’s worth reminding anyone that stumbles by this blog that there’s a large body of evidence that concludes that referral for profit is draining the finances out of our healthcare system…and does not result in the quality of care that paying patients deserve.

In this blog report we finding the heading “License to overuse” very appropriate.

Dr. Mitchell’s comment sums up the problem with respect to imaging (MRI, CT, x-ray):

“This is a huge problem,” says Jean Mitchell, PhD, a Georgetown Public Policy Institute economist who has studied self-referral. The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) has estimated that 1 in 3 imaging studies may be unnecessary. That would equal about $55 billion of the $170 billion spent on imaging annually, according to Jeff Goldsmith, PhD, president of Health Futures, coauthor of a book about medical imaging, and a member of MANAGED CARE’S Editorial Advisory Board.   click here for more

Another blog post summarizing Mitchell’s study on the over-utilization of surgery:

She [Mitchell] specifically looked at three types of surgeries:  carpal tunnel repair, rotator cuff repair and knee arthroscopy.

Anyone care to take a wild guess as to which group performed more surgery?

Age- and sex-adjusted odds ratios indicate that the likelihood of having carpal tunnel repair was 54% to 129% higher for patients of surgeon owners compared with surgeon nonowners. For rotator cuff repair, the adjusted odds ratios of having surgery were 33% to 100% higher for patients treated by physician owners. The age- and sex-adjusted probability of arthroscopic surgery was 27% to 78% higher for patients of surgeon owners compared with surgeon nonowners.  click here for more

While outsiders almost always place blame on the insurance companies for failing to address or ignoring this behavior, we find this quote, especially in light of our battle with the CA Medical Association & CA Orthopedic Association, to be a more accurate summation of why referral for profit continues to exist:

“Private payers could just stop paying for it, but they are more afraid of pushback from providers,” she says. “The providers really bully the insurers.”

We applaud Dr. Mitchell for her persistence and continuous efforts to expose some physicians for their unethical and unchecked referral for profit behavior.

If only consumers were aware of the abuse…


Happy New Year! January 1st, 2013 is finally here! The moratorium on law enforcement against POPTS is OVER! The Physical Therapy Board of California is now required to investigate and discipline therapists working for illegal POPTS. In baseball the umpire calls you OUT on the third strike. In the case of POPTS, law enforcement officials should call POPTS therapists OUT after failing to pass a bill legalizing their employment arrangement FOUR years in a row! And that’s the way the rules go in the ol’ ball game, but one should expect CMA to stall again or attempt to ‘buy’ the Speaker’s favor again. (picture source: prweb)

A second option for the CMA and COA would be to get a different legislator to run another POPTS legalization bill. STOPPOPTS suspects that the new author would be an apprentice of Speaker Perez and will be ‘forced’ to run the bill if he or she ever wants to get anywhere in their political career.

A third option for POPTS sympathizers would be to run a bill or insert language into an existing bill (as Senator Steinberg did) extending the moratorium on law enforcement by suggesting that there might be a “legislative fix” to physicians’ monopoly over the physical therapy industry. STOPPOPTS believes the items that really need fixing are conflicts of interest, substandard health care, and government that encourages it.

So STOPPOPTS asks………Who will CMA’s next stooge be now that Mary has left the building?

Rumor has it that the Las Vegas odds board just opened up today! Here are the highlights:

Senator Price 1,000,000,000:1
Senator Walters 1,000,000,000:1
Speaker Perez 10:12
Larry 7:1
Curly 8:1

Place your bets wisely!


View more videos at:


Frank Snepp wrote several excellent articles about the corrupt efforts of the California Medical Association to legalize abusive referral for profit.

He summarizes in this excellent discussion here:


It’s pretty clear to us at STOP POPTS that at least one corrupt leader is on her way out.

Great news for Californians, patients and physical therapists…we hope.

Mary Hayashi, the corrupt criminal that pleaded no contest to $2500 of shoplifting, is in last place in the race for Alameda County supervisor according to the polls.

Considering the recent revelations, we couldn’t be happier.

Here are some of the recent stories that turn our stomachs:

Hayashi Giving Big Raises to Her Friends to Save Her Home

A couple months back Mary Hayashi got caught with her hand in the cookie jar again.  She was reportedly losing money on her Castro Valley home so what did she do?  She gave her aide  a sizable raise and then rented her home back to him (Chris Parman) to finance her own mortgage.  Just another transgression in a long line of abuses committed by this criminal.

Darrell Steinberg Cites Hayashi’s “Values” and Endorses Her (click on the link for more)

Darrell Steinberg, Senate President pro Tem, that did a number on CA physical therapists by offering the compromise bill, SB 924, then let it die (don’t be fooled into thinking this was just John Perez’s doing), endorsed Mary Hayashi.  More evidence to us at STOP POPTS that Steinberg is corrupt, in the pockets of the CMA, and SB 924 was not only a bad bill, but had no chance in the first place.

Mary Hayashi is a Great Fundraiser Because She’s a Liar

Why is Mary Hayashi still around?  It’s because she can raise money.  That’s the only reason.  Why else would the democratic party tolerate her disingenuous, criminal behavior?  But how does she do it? Mary Hayashi misleads her Constiuents into thinking she voted in favor of issues that matter to her constiuents.  The reality, she doesn’t vote at and then changes the record after the fact as reported in this Associated Press story picked up by the SF Gate:

“Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, D-Hayward, who is seeking a seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in November, altered her vote more than any other member of the Assembly.

She failed to vote on legislation 291 times and then changed the record afterward to reflect a “yes” vote nearly every time.”

(click here to read the entire story)

Dr. Gaspar Had Enough and Started the MORALS PAC

Dr. Paul Gaspar, physical therapist, who has made great sacrifices for Californians and the PT profession, made a statement when he started the MORALS PAC (Masses Organizing Research Against Lying & Stealing) to educate citizens of Alameda County about Mary Hayashi’s transgressions.  We asked him about his PAC and he simply said,

“This woman has no business making decisions for Californians .  There’s no place for a criminal in our legislative system.”

Here’s the ad he ran:

The MORALS PAC Story Picked Up by the News Media

It appears that the media is interested in Mary Hayashi’s problems and the battle between her and Dr. Gaspar.  You can read more here:

We Commend Dr. Gaspar for His Dedication to Patients and the Profession


More Medicare Fraud-Time to Kill the Corruption

October 5, 2012

Today, Reuters reported: Ninety-one people including doctors, nurses and other medical professionals were charged criminally in a new sweep of Medicare fraud involving seven U.S. cities and $430 million in alleged false billing, officials said on Thursday. Fraud is rampant and is occurring right here in California every day with the continued operation of Physician [...]

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Perez and Hayashi Corruption Killing PT Profession-Worst Story to Date Reveals Terrible Truths

August 26, 2012

View the story on NBC by clicking here.   We wanted to get it on our site before the powerful, corrupt assembly democrats attempt to take it down. In an unprecedented move blocking access to affordable and smart health care, Speaker Perez referred SB 924 to the Assembly Rules Committee on August 24, 2012 and [...]

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CA Physical Therapy Private Practice Group Reports Senate Bill 924 Was Amended by Democrats, Would Legalize Physician ‘Kickbacks’ and Deny Seniors Therapy Benefits

August 23, 2012

California Private Practice Group Indicates Democrats Amended California Senate Bill 924 in Assembly Appropriations Committee, Favoring California Medical Association Requests Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) August 20, 2012 According to the leaders of several respected physical therapy groups, top California Democrat leaders have amended and advanced Senate Bill 924, a bill rapidly approaching the Governor Brown’s [...]

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Back-Room Dealings by Mary Hayashi and John Perez Threaten Seniors’ Coverage for Therapy in California

August 20, 2012

Last Thursday, August 16th, the CA Appropriations Committee, passed SB 924 thru.  In our last post, we noted that that the chair of the committee, Assembly Member Mike Gatto, noted that amendments on diagnosis, limitations of 30 days of treatment (not 30 business days), and technical language were added. Funnier yet, as of the date [...]

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Mary Hayashi – Vote of No Confidence

August 19, 2012

Another picture that is worth 1000 words: Here’s the full story: We don’t need to say anything more.    

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When a Bad Bill Gets Worse – Time to Pull The Bill CPTA?

August 18, 2012

In 16 seconds you will hear how the CA Appropriations Committee laid the foundation for a bad compromise bill (SB 924) to get much, much worse. “Do pass as amended” – We at STOP POPTS, accept no amendments to a bad bill that with amendments as stated here, will only be made worse. “…to require [...]

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Mary Hayashi Spent About $5000 Trying to Identify the STOPPOPTS Owners?

August 7, 2012

Rumor has it that the CA physical therapy profession’s biggest adversary, Mary Hayashi, spent about $5000 on private investigators in an attempt to uncover the people behind STOPPOPTS. Carl London, CPTA lobbyist, allegedly told Ms. Hayashi that Dr. Paul Gaspar, DPT IS the STOPPOPTS guy and that she should not have wasted the money because [...]

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Governor Brown Signals He Might Veto SB 924- The POPTS Bill

July 25, 2012

Did you catch this one?  Governor Jerry Brown just signed into law a bill that was supported by the CMA. This bill, (AB 1548) “increases penalties for illegally owning and operating a medical spa — a bill that the California Medical Association (CMA) supported.” It is utterly shocking that the CMA, who were strongly in [...]

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New York Times Story-Doctors Making Massive Profits Dispensing Drugs

July 12, 2012

How ironic.  As we’ve repeatedly stated, it’s not just physical therapy that is abused but MRI, lab, and “drugs”. It’s parasitic behavior. We blogged about this last year when The California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation reported massive referral for profit margins when doctors took advantage of patients and payers with 1700% [...]

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No Wrong Doing Found Between the CPTA and CA Physical Therapy Board

July 9, 2012

Almost a year ago we predicted along with Paul Gaspar and the CPTA that Mary Hayashi’s $200,000 audit of the CA Physical Therapy Board would find no wrong doing.  While the CPTA failed to oppose this investigation, until after the fact, Dr. Paul Gaspar’s statement that the investigation would be a waste of time and [...]

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SB 924 Hearing Less Than One Week Away

June 22, 2012

SB 924 (Price, Steinberg, Walters) Direct Access to Physical Therapist Services and Professional Corporations will be heard in the Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee on June 26 at 9:00 a.m. in Room 447. THERE IS LIMITED PARKING, ARRIVE EARLY!

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Wishy Washy Mary Hayashi’s ‘Spin Cycle’ Ends June 26th- Will She Vote For or Against SB 924?

June 21, 2012

The word is from Sacramento insiders that Mary Hayashi, the woman who killed direct access 3 years ago for no good reason, has considered authoring the bill now? Is this some sort of ploy?  If it smells like a duck, acts like a duck…you know how it goes. We here at STOPPOPTS despise the idea [...]

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SB 924 Goes to Mary Hayashi’s B & P Committee in June

May 25, 2012

SB 924, the compromise bill, that if passed would legalize POPTS and allow 30 business days of direct access, could be heard: June 12, 19, or 26th between 12 noon and 5 pm.  Do note that Mary Hayashi could reschedule it and we wouldn’t be surprised if she did.

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Who Would Mary Hayashi Call to ‘Bail Her Out’?

May 25, 2012
Read the full article →

Physical Therapists Responsible for Assemblymember Hayashi’s PR Problems? Really??? How could that be?

May 20, 2012
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California Physical Therapist Private Practice Group (CA PPG) Points to Reason for California Orthopaedic Association’s (COA) Flip-flopping on Direct Access Compromise

May 1, 2012 is happy to support the CA Private Practice Group by posting this release. CA PPG increases awareness about 2012 Medicare report demonstrating 70% of improper therapy payments were made to physician-owned therapy clinics and accuses COA of rushing to legalize doctor-owned therapy. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 01, 2012 In a sudden turn of [...]

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Medicare Cracks Down on Unnecessary Payments – POPTS Caught Red-Handed…Again

April 24, 2012

In an effort to protect the Medicare Trust Fund and ensure proper payments, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) program. CERT measures the accuracy of Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) payments. CERT contractors generate a number of measurements and statistics that reflect how effectively providers submit their claims [...]

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CA Orthopaedic Association Supports Direct Access Bill for Athletic Trainers? Hypocrisy at its Finest!!!

April 15, 2012

The word is that the CA Orthopedic Association’s Tim Shannon is in support of SB 1273. The bill, if passed, would allow athletic trainers to immediately diagnose and treat sick patients without any training whatsoever in patient care.  Here’s a summary of what we expect Tim would say to a reporter “off the record”.

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Referral for Profit is Common Amongst More than Doctors that Employ Physical Therapists (POPTS)

April 13, 2012

We’ve stated previously that referral for profit is not just a problem with physical therapy but also MRI and laboratory ownership. Here’s yet another study that corroborates the large number of studies that conclude referral for profit is a major problem.  Conclusion “This suggests that financial incentives prompt self-referring urologists to perform prostate biopsies on [...]

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The Greedy Smoking Gun of POPTS Doctors- Their Desire to Destroy Physical Therapists’ Jobs by Hiring Trainers for Pennies

March 27, 2012

Last year one of the most popular posts published on Stoppopts revealed incriminating content and advice for doctors who were opening physical therapy clinics with the objectives of increasing revenue and putting local physical therapy private practices out of business. We published this article last year – it was a full recording of a doctor [...]

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The Greedy Behavior Persists-Physicians Commit $375 Million Medicare / Medicaid of Fraud

February 29, 2012

As reported by USA Today: “A Dallas-area physician has been arrested and indicted for allegedly bilking Medicare of more than $350 million for bogus health care services.” Click here to read the full story. This is the same greedy behavior you see with physician ownership of physical therapy, MRI, laboratory equipment, and the list goes [...]

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CPTA Leadership Makes a Trade – ‘Traders’ are What They Really Are!

February 7, 2012

Last week STOP POPTS received emails from a number of private practice members completely enraged about a “deal” that was struck between the CMA and CPTA leadership. It seems that the California Physical Therapy Association, spear-headed by Dr. Paul Gaspar, PT, DPT, and Dr. James Dagostino, PT, DPT, compromised with the CMA and “unanimously” (according [...]

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It’s the Behavior – Referral for Profit is Rampant Among Physicians. It’s an Avoidable Conflict of Interest

October 29, 2011

Here’s another example of referral for profit abuse. In this NY Times story the author calls attention to the overuse of MRI. He doesn’t draw any conclusions as to why there is overuse. It’s for the money. Monetizing patients is what so many orthopaedists do best. It’s what they are taught to do. We [...]

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Dr. Paul Gaspar, DPT Speaks Out About the Corruption that is Blocking Enforcement of the Law

October 8, 2011

View more videos at: Read all of the stories behind the abuse here: Physical Therapy Group Audited by State Physical Therapy Bill Defeated Physical Therapy Clinics Scrutinized Battle Over CA Physical Therapy Intensifies Physical Therapy Bill Delayed

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One Last Attempt to Block the Abuse of Patients by POPTS – Tell Governor Brown to VETO SB 543

September 17, 2011

Without Your Input, POPTS Clinics Will Be Effectively Legalized Until Jan. 1, 2013, with the Legislature’s Pork Barrel Politics It is on the Governor’s desk for signature right now. You can submit your request to Governor Brown to veto this bill by going here: You may have heard by now that behind closed doors, without any [...]

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The Deterioration of Health Care-Special Thanks to Hayashi, the COA, and the CMA

September 14, 2011

While you may think this is just a satirical cartoon, we would suggest it is daily common practice. California, its citizens, and independent physical therapy practices that are trying to hold on, are all getting screwed. It’s not a double dip, or even a quadruple dip, but a DECUPLE DIP (10X) into the insurance company’s [...]

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Recording of Mary Hayashi’s Request to Audit the CA Physical Therapy Board

September 9, 2011

Here is the recording of the audit that took place on August 24th, 2011.

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Mary Hayashi-Vote of No Confidence

August 30, 2011

Hayashi Launched an Investigation of the CA Physical Therapy Board – We are NOT Going to Take It Lying Down As you may have heard, Mary Hayashi, the legislator that represents the California Medical Association’s interests, is now having the CA Physical Therapy Board investigated at the taxpayers’ expense of $188,000.  This is another tactic [...]

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Mary Hayashi Reports Audit of CA Physical Therapy Board on her Blog

August 24, 2011

Mary Hayashi reported on her blog that she is auditing the CA Physical Therapy Board. STOPPOPTS predicts this is going to be a big waste of CA taxpayers’ dollar and nothing more than an act vengeance by Ms. Hayashi. Yet another example of her personal attack on the physical therapy profession.

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Mary Hayashi At It Again-CA PT Board Witch Hunt Costing Taypayers $188,000

August 24, 2011

UPDATE: Aug 23, 2 PM.  The CA Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) agreed to investigate the CA Physical Therapy Board. Mary Hayashi will stop at nothing.  Funded by the CA Medical Association, she has already failed twice in attempts to legalize patient abuse by allowing medical corporations to employ physical therapists. Now she is abusing [...]

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CMA Continues to Distort Truth and Attack CA PT Board

August 22, 2011

Stop the POPTS Madness! In the CMA’s most recent newsletter to their membership, they state: “CMA continues to fight attempt to outlaw physician employment of physical therapists” Since 1990, the Physical Therapy Board of California has explicitly determined that the offering of physical therapy services by medical, podiatric and chiropractic corporations is permitted by the [...]

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Compliance Clock: PT Board moves to continue investigation of POPTS PTs -ARE YOU IN COMPLIANCE?

August 8, 2011

xx On Wednesday August 3, at their quarterly board meeting, the Physical Therapy Licensing Board (PTBC) discussed their investigation and enforcement actions related to PTs working for medical corporations.  They heard testimony from the Department of Consumer Affairs, the California Orthopaedic Association, the California Physical Therapy Association, and the California Private Practice Group. The Department [...]

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CMA Appears Poised for Frivolous Lawsuit Against PTBC

August 2, 2011

During the last 48 hours, subsequent to the Physical Therapy Licensing Board of California (PTBC) sending letters to 155 PTs regarding their alleged illegal employment, stoppopts obtained a “threatening” letter sent from CMA legal counsel to the PTBC.  As stated in the letter (posted below), the CMA disagrees with the PTBC’s interpretation of the clear [...]

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CA PT Board Starts the Process of Bringing POPTS PTs into Compliance with the Law

July 22, 2011

Stop POPTS has learned that the California Physical Therapy Board is finally starting to do its job by enforcing the law that clearly states that physical therapists cannot be employed by a medical corporation.  Over 150 letters, like the one below reportedly went out Wednesday, July 20th. While we are pleased that something is finally [...]

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NBC Reports AB 783 is DEAD – CMA and Hayashi Defeated

June 27, 2011

AB 783 was reconsidered again today, June 27th and it was voted down again. It appears that this one is dead – they will be back though and as powerful as ever.  One physical therapist referenced that they will be bringing the “death star”.  That’s probably an accurate accounting of the strategy they are building [...]

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Hayashi’s Attempts to “Hijack” the Physical Therapy Profession are Weakening – STOP POPTS Says “PTs Hold Your Ground!”

June 23, 2011

Monday June 19th, Mary Hayashi scheduled her bill for a reconsideration vote then pulled it.  Clearly she didn’t have enough votes in the Senate Business and Professions Committee to get her bill passed. Now Hayashi is quoted in the most recent NBC article as stating that she is “willing to sit down with representatives of [...]

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42x more spent – Proof that Hayashi & CMA are Trying to Buy a Law with AB 783

June 20, 2011

They’ve spent $2,400,000 to try to make sure referral for profit stays in place. Contributions to Mary Hayashi – $81,658 (take a look at the contributions list on the website). released the amount of expenditures for those supporting and opposing the bill.  Obviously, those that stand to lose a lot of PROFIT if this [...]

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Full Page Anti POPTS Add Published in June 19th North County Times of San Diego

June 19, 2011
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