Wall Street Journal – Yet Another Story of a Physician Alledgedly Abusing the System

February 18, 2010

Case and point – physician billing for physical therapy in the Wall Street Journal – Dec 22, 2010.

Regarding what this doctor calls physical therapy:

“The regimen of physical therapy Dr. Wayne said he usually provided—30 minutes each of heat packs, massage, electrical stimulation and ultrasound…”

This type of abuse is common practice:

“Dr. Wayne took in more than $1.2 million from Medicare in 2008, according to a person familiar with the matter, a large portion of it from physical therapy. That’s more than 24 times the Medicare income of the average family doctor, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of Medicare-claims data.”

Click here to read the details in the WSJ

Click here to read EIM’s Dr. Larry Benz, PT take on this too on the EIM blog.

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