Physical Therapist Tells the Real Story-It’s About Making Money NOT Patient Care

February 15, 2011

A courageous physical therapist tells all – the doctor he worked for didn’t care about the patients.   After this physical therapist left, that doctor then hired assistants to illegally provide care.  It was all about the money.

I know it is hard to believe that doctors would put money before patient care.  Certainly all of them don’t, but if you are a doctor, podiatrist, or chiropractor and employ a physical therapist, the evidence is overwhelmingly against the you.

NOTE: we did not include the physical therapist’s name for fear of retribution.  It’s already happened.  One physical therapist we know that has spoken up against POPTS has lost all of his orthopedic referrals.  Yet another disgusting example of greed.

Stop the Kickbacks!

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