Interview with Former POPTS Physical Therapist Confirms the Kickback Corruption

February 16, 2011

What follows are excerpts from an interview done with a physical therapist that used to work at a physician owned physical therapy practice.  His answers refute many of the reasons doctors cite as to why they own a physical therapy practice and also confirm our worst nightmare – physicians put their own profits before patient care.

Why did you choose to work at a POPTS?

How many patients did you see per day?

How many times did the doctor consult with you?

Did the doctor tell you how to treat patients?

Did the doctor know what to order?

Did you have enough time to evaluate your patients?

Who made the decision when a patient should be discharged?

Was patient choice compromised at this practice?

Why did the doctor close the practice?

Did your patients have a choice to go elsewhere?

In summary what do you think is the motive behind this doctor owning his own physical therapy practice?

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