You should be ashamed Dr. Moore! Well known physical therapist rebuts podiatrist’s advice to start referral for profit clinics

February 25, 2011

Fran Welk, PT wrote a very articulate piece in response to the podiatrist article here which was referenced in this post here.

Dr. Moore stresses that providing such services can improve your “bottom line” and that the profit potential is mostly dependent on the number of referrals the investor directs to his or her physical therapy program. This describes a practice that, in many situations, is referred to as “referral for profit.”

Entering the physical therapy “business” may not be as risk-free and profitable as the article may have suggested. The ethical, business and legal aspects of these types of relationships are being closely scrutinized in terms of restraint of trade and competition, and interference with consumer choice.

Given their professional history, podiatrists should recognize that physical therapy is a separately licensed, regulated and recognized profession. The purpose of the rehabilitative care and services provided by both podiatrists and physical therapists is to better the lives of our patients, not to be a revenue source for other health care providers.

Important Reference: The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) opposes situations in which physical therapists or physical therapy assistants are employed by or under agreements.

APTA Statement:

For many years, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has opposed referral for profit and physician ownership of physical therapy services, taking the position that such arrangements pose an inherent conflict of interest impeding both the autonomous practice of the physical therapist and the fiduciary relationship between the therapist and patient.

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