Interestingly Enough, CMA is Hayashi’s Largest Campaign Contributor

February 27, 2011

Here’s Some Compelling Evidence

If you look at Mary Hayashi’s campaign contributions you will see compelling evidence as to why she has run AB 783 and AB 374.  Click here for details.

This is a assault on licensed physical therapy professionals in California.  Look below at who contributed and you will see indisputable evidence that medical doctors and chiropractors want to own licensed physical therapists.

  • Cooperative of American Physicians State PAC $1,000
  • CAPG Physician Group $3900
  • Doctors Company PAC (Napa) $500, $100, $1400 $2500, $1000, $1000
  • Chiropractors $100, $1900, $2000
  • Physicians for Group Practice of Medicine $3900
  • CA Podiatric Assn. $500, $1000
  • CA Orthopaedic Assn. $1000, $1000
  • CMA Small Contribution Cmte $3900
  • Physician Action Cmte of San Bernardino $1500
  • Arrowhead Surgical Medical Grp $250
  • Doctors PAC State Orange Co. Medical Assn $1000
  • LA County Medical Assn PAC $3900
  • Alta Bates Medical Group $1000
  • CA Allied for Patient Protection PAC $1000 sponsored by CMA Small Contributor Cmte $7608 (that’s how it reads)
  • Cooperative of American Physicians  State PAC $1000
  • CA Academy of Family Physicians $500
  • CA Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons PAC (SF) $3900, $3900
  • CA Psychiatric PAC $1000
  • CA Assn of Psychiatric Technicians PAC Fund Small Contributor Cmte $1000

Most physical therapists have graduate and/or doctoral degrees too.  The intent of CA law (Moscone-Knox Act) is to make sure one licensed profession doesn’t control the other for profit.  That’s why it is currently illegal for doctors to employ physical therapists.

Stop the Madness that is costing the state of California and consumers Billions of Dollars!

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