This Patient Testimonial Dispels the POPTS Propaganda You Hear From Those That Put Profits Before Patients-AKA POPTS Doctors

March 2, 2011

Here are some of the misleading, deceptive arguments that the doctors make in favor of referral for profit.

POPTS Doctors: Listener Discretion is Advised-We’re Uncovering the Truth about the ABUSE*!!!

  1. The “better communication” argument.  Doctor tells patient “if you see my therapist the communication will be better”–completely trashed here in this interview.
  2. The “continuity of care” argument. --shredded to pieces in this testomony.
  3. The “My patients can go where ever they want” argument.–blown to bits here. Like a child follows their parents’ instructions, patients follow their doctors’ orders (and if the doctor has a POPTS, most patient do what their doctor tells them to do).

Listen to this conversation here.

*NOTE: Abuse is define by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as the following:

Abuse includes any practice that is not consistent with the goals of providing patients with services that
(1) are medically necessary,

(2) meet professionally recognized standards, and
(3) are fairly priced.

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