Author of AB 783 Claims the Bill Saves Jobs…NOT!

March 3, 2011

In Mary Hayashi’s deceptive rebuttal website release (to both the CA Private Practice Group and CPTA’s press releases) she simply avoids the truth.

Here are some quotes that are just wrong.  It’s hard to believe that she would go this far to deceive the public:

Hayashi statement: “This bill is necessary to save jobs…”

StopPOPTS Rebuttal: There won’t be any lost jobs.  Here are 7 reasons why physical therapists, that will have to exit illegal POPTS relationships, will be just fine.

1.  Research shows that PTs and PTAs in POPTS spend less time with their patients and the patients spend a higher percentage of time with unlicensed personnel.  This translates into POPTS clinics giving the PT jobs away to lower paid, untrained personnel…and pocketing the left-over money.  There will be a lot more jobs for PTs when POPTS clinics close and can’t give PT jobs to aides and ATCs.  The jobs argument is possibly the worst argument I have ever seen.

2. Here–look Mary.  The physical therapy job market is promising coming in at number four.  Click here

3. These physical therapists can simply open their own practice.  No lost jobs.  It’s hard work but it is legal.

4. There are a bunch listed on right now.  Do a search please Mary.

5. – I see 2,796 jobs listed right now.

6. and – many more.

7.  Here is the outlook for California and physical therapy jobs:  click here Ms. Hayashi

Jobs aren’t an issue.  Here Ms. Hayashi, are the facts.  You might consider reworking your website and include the CMA in revising your statement.

Hayashi statement: “… and preserve continuity of care,”

StopPOPTS Rebuttal: Mary, you should listen to the patient interview in the last blog post.  Continuity of care at a POPTS clinic is simply BS!  It’s deception at its finest.  The doctors use their credibility to steer patients to their clinic and dollars into their pockets.

Hayashi statement: “Current law allows certain health care professionals to be employed by hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation facilities, doctor’s offices, and other medical and podiatry organizations.  These include optometrists, clinical social workers, and dental assistants.  Approximately 80 percent of physical therapists work in such settings.”

StopPOPTS Rebuttal: What are you saying here?  80 percent of physical therapists work in POPTS or Podiatry offices?  You mention hospitals.  What do they have to do with your “Kickback” bill?  Wrong again Ms. Hayashi.   Your statement is deceptive.

Hayashi statement: “…and AB 783 will ensure that they can continue to practice where they are needed most.”

StopPOPTS Rebuttal: you are saying that PTs are needed most in doctors’ offices, i.e. POPTS clinics.  Haven’t you read a single post on this blog?

POPTS are:

1. bad business resulting in over utilization of physical therapy

2. provide substandard care

3. Cost California Billions of dollars.

About the only thing that we see, that is a fact in this website release is:

a. her name is Mary Hayashi and,
b. she is a democrat from Hayward.
The rest is pure deception!

There is no ambiguity in the law !  POPTS are illegal!

Ms. Hayashi –shame on you for your deceptive statements.  We see right though you.  Your actions are a direct attack on consumers, the physical therapy profession, are self-serving, and cost CA Billions.

Stop the Madness!

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