80 percent employed in medical corporations-please quit the deception

March 4, 2011

In Mary Hayashi’s deceptive rebuttal website release (to both the CA Private Practice Group and CPTA’s press releases) she simply avoids the truth.

The misinformation: State licensing figures show that about four in five PTs are employed by medical groups, with the rest in private practice.

The APTA, the nation’s largest organized body of physical therapists has the right data Ms. Hayashi and CMA.  While not all physical therapists are APTA members, undoubtedly, this data refutes Hayashi’s argument that 80% of all physical therapists are employed by doctors/medical corporations.

It’s time to STOP THE MADNESS!

POPTS are a bad business arrangement leading to over utilization, substandard care, which costs California Billions of Dollars!
reference: http://www.moveforwardpt.com/

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