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March 11, 2011

Here are the facts regarding physical therapy jobs and POPTS. The results and conclusions of a classic study1 about what goes on it a physician owned physical therapy clinic (POPTS) are as follows:

  • Licensed physical therapists and licensed therapist assistants employed in non-joint venture facilities spend about 60% more time per visit treating physical therapy patients than licensed therapists and licensed therapist assistants working in joint venture facilities.
  • Joint venture firms employ proportionately fewer licensed therapists and licensed therapist assistants to perform physical therapy

This study is has been around for several years.  Do you think that POPTS clinics are treating fewer patients/hour with the declining reimbursement since 1992?  Is the care any better since that study?  They answer is of course, based on OIG and MedPAC studies, is NO!  POPTS clinics continue to abuse the patients and the payers.

So, with the end of POPTS clinics, there will be a large group of patients (those no longer being treated at POPTS) that will still require treatment.  The physical therapists that currently work for POPTS practices can open their own practice or seek one of the numerous employment opportunities that will be available when POPTS clinics are disbanded.

It’s time to STOP THE MADNESS!

POPTS are a bad business arrangement leading to over utilization, substandard care, which costs California Billions of Dollars!

1. JAMA. 1992 Oct 21;268(15):2055-9.
Physician ownership of physical therapy services. Effects on charges, utilization, profits, and service characteristics.
Mitchell JM
Scott E.

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