San Bernardino Sun Calls Referral for Profit Like It Is-Double Dipping

March 23, 2011

Doctors can double, triple, even quadruple dip with a patient.

Here’s an example.  Patient comes in with back pain.

Dip 1: patient is diagnosed and treated by the doctor.

Dip 2: patient is referred to the doctor’s own physical therapy practice.
Referral for profit!

We haven’t even mentioned MRI, lab work or the drug dispensary.

In a March 22 story, staff writer, Wesley Hughes discusses exactly what AB 783 “double dipping” will do to California and consumers if passed.

That’s the way it is with Assembly Bill 783 by Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, D-Hayward. It could sneak up on you, but I’ve seen this before.

Hayashi’s bill would make it possible for physicians to own physical therapy services and to refer their patients to themselves for treatment. It’s against the law now, and it should stay that way. It would amount to legal double-dipping and cause health care costs to rise.

Stop the Madness!

AB 783 would legalize POPTS.
Physician Owned Physical Therapy Services (POPTS):
1. Are a bad business arrangement resulting in over utilization of physical therapy
2. Provide substandard care to California consumers
3. Have cost CA Billions of dollars in wasted money
California can’t afford to overpay for bad care!

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