Kaiser PTs May Have Been Misled?

April 13, 2011

If you didn’t hear, AB 783 passed out of Mary Hayashi’s committee 9 votes to 0.

Disillusioned Kaiser physical therapists, undoubtedly threatened or incentivized  by CMA doctors,  testified stating if POPTS were made illegal, they would lose their jobs.  This is simply not true.   AB 783 has no impact on Kaiser physical therapists.  Last Tuesday’s Assembly meeting was telling.

The Physical Therapy Profession lost the Battle, but not the war!

This was expected as legislators typically don’t vote against the chair of the committee.  If they do, they would have little hope of getting their own bills through the committee- it’s politics!

The good news is that the bill has 6 more steps to go before it could become a regulation.

It is clear that the CMA and Hayashi are simply going to try to deceive legislators claiming that if AB 783 does not pass, PTs will lose their jobs.

Again, as written here, here, and here, AB 783 is NOT a jobs’ issue.

STOP THE MADNESS -  A NO vote on AB 783 is a must!

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