If AB 783 passes – Here is the future of physical therapy in California courtesy of the CMA and Mary Hayashi – Please Listen

April 14, 2011

Mary Hayashi and the CMA claim it’s because of other issues – wrong!  It’s all about the money!

This is what your Grandparents, Mom, Dad, Spouse, or Child can look forward to if they go to a doctor that owns their physical therapy practice.  Medicare Policy Advisory Committee studies prove it, the federal Office of Inspector General studies prove it, and a bunch more all confirm what you will hear on this post.

High Points of the Interview

  • Doctors pressured this PTA to work outside the scope of his practice.
  • Doctors had a PTA do the initial evaluations which is illegal.
  • Unlicensed aides were treating patients.
  • Office managers and doctors refused to discharge patients regardless if they were benefitting from physical therapy – it was out of his control.
  • The PTA treated 20-30 patients per day with aides and no PT present.
  • Left the job because of the unethical and illegal nature of what he was asked to do.

Stop the Madness – No on AB 783.  Put patients before profits.

California cannot afford to overpay for bad care!

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