AB 783: Physicians Choose Profits Over Patients

April 27, 2011

In this article the doctor openly states:

Adding physical therapy often increases the practice’s profits.

“When you have your own employees, it’s easier to do program development and risk management,” says Mr. Blom.

When the doctors mean risk management, they mean the right to fire a physical therapist on the spot if they don’t see the patient for the extra 10 visits.   It’s happened to many private practice PTs.

Another common occurrence, “You come work for me or I’ll put you out of business,” says Mr. POPTS Doctor.     It’s happened in Los Angeles, San Diego, Salinas – fact is that 80% of all independent practices have been affected by POPTS.

Just another clear statement that it’s all about the money.  We’ve dispelled the continuum of care myth (smile and say MedPAC).

But, program development?  How does a doctor, that’s never had a single course in rehabilitation, develop a quality rehab program?

Greed, my friends – it’s all about the greed…and the power.  The wealthiest doctors on the planet, that control 2% of the nation’s GDP with their poor, self-serving decisions, really don’t care about quality care or happy employees.

Mr. Blom, you fool no one.

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