BIG NEWS: STOP POPTS Uncovers DCA Legal Documents

May 13, 2011


“It is evident from the applicable statutes that the Physical Therapy Board of California has jurisdiction over physical therapists and is empowered to enforce obedience to its regulations and all statutes governing the corporate practice of physical therapy.  Consequently, it our opinion that a physical therapist may be subject to discipline by the Physical Therapy Board of California for providing professional physical therapy services as an employee of a professional corporation, other than a naturopathic doctor corporation.”

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These are the legal teams that have read the basic language in the Moscone-Knox Act and all have concluded that  it is illegal for PTs to work for a Medical Corporation:

  1. California Department of Consumer Affairs verbal opinion, 2008
  2. California Private Practice Group Legal Opinion
  3. CPTA Legal Counsel Opinion
  4. APTA Legal Counsel Opinion
  5. Sept 2010 Opinion by California Legislative Counsel
  6. Feb 28th, 2011 legal counsel for the Department of Consumer Affairs

The Back-Breaker for the POPTS – the CA PT Board Voted 5-0 to Enforce the Law

Today, the California Physical Therapy Board voted unanimously to start sending letters out to PTs that work in POPTS practices.  Word is there are over 100 complaints against PTs working in this illegal arrangement.  We are sure the CA PT Board is relieved to start punishing PTs that are ripping off Californians rather than disciplining hard working PTs that forgot to report a change of address!

Final Note: DCA Cover Up?  Note that this document was dated Feb 28th, 2011

We are just finding out now that the DCA legal counsel rendered this opinion.  Yet on more than 4 occasions, some after Feb. 28th, the DCA allegedly was going to advise the CA PT Board as to whether it has the jurisdiction to discipline PTs that work in POPTS.

It’s STOP POPTS guess that the CMA had something to do with this too.

POPTS are Illegal and it is legal for the CA PT Board to start bringing PTs into compliance with the law.  Physical therapists that work for doctors are breaking the law!!!

If I was a Physical Therapist working in a POPTS Clinic, I would GET OUT NOW!

POPTS are a Bad Business Relationship!

They result in substandard care!

They cost California hundreds of millions of dollars/year

They put hard-working, independent practices out of business!

California can’t afford to pay for bad care and have hard-working, legitimate PT professional jobs replaced by unlicensed, unqualified personnel!


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