Your Last Hope to STOP POPTS – Speak Out Against AB 783 Now!

June 15, 2011

Monday, June 13th AB 783, Mary Hayashi’s bill that is meant to legalize an illegal business arrangement,  was defeated 4 abstentions, 2 No, and 3 Yes votes (as a reminder, it takes 5 Yes votes for a bill to pass through Business and Professions Committee).  However, it was granted reconsideration.  That means that it can be brought up for another vote by July 7th or reintroduced next year.

Mary Hayashi has set an appointment for the bill to be reconsidered on Monday, June 20th.  We can only guess that she and the CMA, COA, CPMA, and CCA (everyone that wants to hire a physical therapist and bill for their work to make a profit), are spending all their time and big money trying to get the votes to go their way.

It’s shocking what is happening here.  The waste, the abuse, the job loss, the lack of concern for the citizens and small business professional physical therapists.

We Call on All Physical Therapists that want to STOP POPTS to go to the California Private Practice Group’s website and follow their instructions!

Call and Fax the Legislators – Your voice must be heard!

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