KNBC Writes a Balanced Story About POPTS – Hayashi and AB 783 Have No Chance If the Facts Matter

June 18, 2011

A great story finally told by KNBC Los Angeles about the Corruption of POPTS and referral for profit.

Here are some of the quotes.

  • “It runs up hundreds of millions of dollars per year for services that are substandard,” said Paul Gaspar, a spokesman and activist for independent therapists like himself. “It will run up the cost of healthcare and it will affect taxpayers adversely.
  • Nationwide data from six months in 2002 showed that 91 percent of physical therapy billed by physicians and allowed by Medicare resulted in 136 million in improper payments, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.
  • In many cases, the department found there was insufficient proof that licensed physical therapists had performed the treatment or that there was a “plan of care” to document the need for treatment.
  • According to California statutes, physical therapists cannot work for medical corporations owned by doctors any more than pharmacists can.
  • The purpose behind the laws, according to legal experts, is to ward off conflicts of interest, since a doctor who employs such providers might send patients to them simply for personal profit, not for health reasons.

If you are against POPTS and AB 783, we suggest you go to the story and comment to let the world know how corrupt POPTS are.


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