42x more spent – Proof that Hayashi & CMA are Trying to Buy a Law with AB 783

June 20, 2011

They’ve spent $2,400,000 to try to make sure referral for profit stays in place.

Contributions to Mary Hayashi – $81,658 (take a look at the contributions list on the website).

Maplight.org released the amount of expenditures for those supporting and opposing the bill.  Obviously, those that stand to lose a lot of PROFIT if this bill goes down, are the ones ponying up the money.

Click here for the details

Problems are clear to everyone now:

1. it’s clear now what they are trying to do-maintain their kickbacks.

2. CA can’t afford this.

3. The cat is out of the bag – physical therapy care delivered at a POPTS is substandard care.

4. The public knows now that POPTS kill more PT jobs than create them.

5. POPTS are a monopoly – pure and simple.

Read the truth about how bad this bill is on the NBC News Website-Voice Your Opinion

If you are against POPTS and AB 783, we suggest you go to the story and comment to let the world know how corrupt POPTS are.

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