Hayashi’s Attempts to “Hijack” the Physical Therapy Profession are Weakening – STOP POPTS Says “PTs Hold Your Ground!”

June 23, 2011

Monday June 19th, Mary Hayashi scheduled her bill for a reconsideration vote then pulled it.  Clearly she didn’t have enough votes in the Senate Business and Professions Committee to get her bill passed.

Now Hayashi is quoted in the most recent NBC article as stating that she is “willing to sit down with representatives of the California Association of Physical Therapists, who oppose the measure, to see what can be worked out.”  Really?  Who is she kidding?

The CPTA is winning!  Why would the CPTA ever sit down and negotiate with Hayashi?

  1. This legislator that voted against the California Physical Therapy Association’s direct access bill and will bully and belittle other legislators that oppose her position.
  2. She’s a disingenuous public servant that has lied repeatedly stating that 80% of physical therapists are employed by medical corporations,
  3. She had 5 months to negotiate with the CPTA but refused,
  4. She’s a disrespectful person that after 75+ physical therapists said right in front of her face that they had lost their jobs or had to lay off employees, stated her bill would NOT harm physical therapy private practice.
  5. She’s trying to legalize the illegal practice of medical doctors employing physical therapists to line their pockets.

The California Physical Therapy Association is winning!  They are under no obligation to negotiate solely on CMA’s terms.

On the contrary.  The CPTA owes it to their members, a vast majority of which are against POPTS and are owners or employees of independent practices,  to have their best negotiators and legal counsel present so its membership’s interests are  very well represented.

It’s STOP POPTS position, based on Hayashi and her supporter’s track records, that she’s going to try every dirty trick in the book to get this bill passed.

We’ve all heard of the underhanded, behind the scenes, back office deals that go on in politics.  Rumors are that the CMA is wanting to “grandfather in” (i.e. make it legal) PTs that are currently employed by POPTS or delay enforcement of the law another 6 months.   How would Michael Levas, PT (who laid off 45 employees because of POPTS) and the hundreds of other PTs that have lost their jobs feel about that?

Further delays in action will only give the CMA additional opportunities legalize POPTS.

Endurance is Needed by the Physical Therapists Opposing AB 783

California physical therapists are doing the right thing to oppose AB 783.  They should also be thanking the senators that are voting NO and abstaining on this bill.

We all know why doctors can’t own pharmacies – they’d write prescriptions for their own profit.  Physical therapy is exactly the same.

AB 783 is bad public policy!

PS: A special thanks to Frank Snepp and NBC for having the courage to expose Hayashi and POPTS for what they are – profit centers for greedy physicians.

You can view his first article here:

http://www.nbclosangeles.com/ news/local/Physical-Therapy- Clinics-124111484.html

You can view his follow up article here:


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