CA PT Board Starts the Process of Bringing POPTS PTs into Compliance with the Law

July 22, 2011

Stop POPTS has learned that the California Physical Therapy Board is finally starting to do its job by enforcing the law that clearly states that physical therapists cannot be employed by a medical corporation.  Over 150 letters, like the one below reportedly went out Wednesday, July 20th.

While we are pleased that something is finally starting to happen, it is disappointing that it has taken this long for enforcement to occur.  Since the complaints to the CA Physical Therapy Board were filed up to 13 months ago, numerous physical therapists operating or working in legal settings have lost their jobs or closed their doors because of the ongoing illegal practice of physical therapy within medical corporations. We can only hope that the PT Board will expedite this process and the patient abuse that goes on in POPTS clinics will end.


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