CMA Appears Poised for Frivolous Lawsuit Against PTBC

August 2, 2011

During the last 48 hours, subsequent to the Physical Therapy Licensing Board of California (PTBC) sending letters to 155 PTs regarding their alleged illegal employment, stoppopts obtained a “threatening” letter sent from CMA legal counsel to the PTBC.  As stated in the letter (posted below), the CMA disagrees with the PTBC’s interpretation of the clear and rudimentary language contained within the Moscone-Knox Corporations Code, which precludes medical corporations from employing physical therapists.  The letter also opined that any investigation/enforcement action would constitute an illegal underground regulation and insinuated such action would result in a lawsuit against the PTBC.

Welcome to California, where there is a new frivolous lawsuit launched on a daily basis by a powerful special interest or criminal element! No wonder our state is in so much trouble!


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