CMA Continues to Distort Truth and Attack CA PT Board

August 22, 2011

Stop the POPTS Madness!

In the CMA’s most recent newsletter to their membership, they state:

“CMA continues to fight attempt to outlaw physician employment of physical therapists”

Since 1990, the Physical Therapy Board of California has explicitly determined that the offering of physical therapy services by medical, podiatric and chiropractic corporations is permitted by the Physical Therapy Practice Act.

Fact: the CA PT Board never had an opinion on whether physical therapy services by medical, podiatric, and chiropractic corps was legal or not.

Fact: it is not the job of the CA PT Board to create laws.  That’s the legislature’s job.

Fact: the CMA has tried 3 times to pass a bill that will legalize medical fraud and patient abuse!

Legislators, agree – POPTS are bad business and should not be allowed in CA!!!

There’s no ambiguity!  It’s against the law for a medical corporation to employee PTs.  The job of the PT Board is to enforce the law.  The legislative branch creates law, and the judicial branch interprets law–that’s what we all learn in government and civics class in high school. 

Oh yea, the executive branch (the CA PT Board) will enforce the law.



POPTS are Bad for California

1. They are  job killers

2. It results in substandard care

3. It costs CA $233,000,000/yr in unnecessary Work Comp costs

4. It’s a monopoly on referrals.

Stop the Madness!!!

PS: in the same post they state that physical therapists are, “happily and legally employed by medical corporations.”  We spoke dozens of physical therapist that said leaving the POPTS clinic was the best thing they had ever done.  Most recently, one sees 12-15 patients/day instead of 30, she has time to document on the patients, and gets paid more.

POPTS PTs should get a legal job, protect their license, and provide the care they’ve always wanted to rather than letting aides see them 1/2 the time.  We recommend PTs work for an independent practice, hospital or open their own clinic!

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