Mary Hayashi At It Again-CA PT Board Witch Hunt Costing Taypayers $188,000

August 24, 2011

UPDATE: Aug 23, 2 PM.  The CA Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) agreed to investigate the CA Physical Therapy Board.

Mary Hayashi will stop at nothing.  Funded by the CA Medical Association, she has already failed twice in attempts to legalize patient abuse by allowing medical corporations to employ physical therapists.

Now she is abusing her own power by needlessly spending thousands of taxpayers’ dollars on a baseless investigation of the CA Physical Therapy Board.

All along, Hayashi and the CMA have been way off base!  They get their facts wrong.  Their strategy is poor.  They attack, insult, and try to intimidate the honorable physical therapists, their association, and now the state board.

Check the clock up top – $420 million wasted this year.


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