Mary Hayashi-Vote of No Confidence

August 30, 2011

Hayashi Launched an Investigation of the CA Physical Therapy Board – We are NOT Going to Take It Lying Down

As you may have heard, Mary Hayashi, the legislator that represents the California Medical Association’s interests, is now having the CA Physical Therapy Board investigated at the taxpayers’ expense of $188,000.  This is another tactic to delay the enforcement of the law, so the CMA can try to pass legislation next year to legalize POPTS.

We are not taking this lightly and neither should you.  We are announcing a Vote of No Confidence petition of Mary Hayashi:

Please view and sign it at iPetitions:

Not Enough PTs are Involved – You, Your Staff, Patients, Friends and Family Get Involved.

Mary Hayashi and certain legislators are favoring unethical and illegal POPTS over those that provide legal, ethical, high-quality care.  POPTS, according to Medicare definition, are an example of patient abuse.

If you’ve had enough, we strongly encourage you to get involved.  Doctors can’t own pharmacies because of the conflict of interest.  According to the law, they can’t employ physical therapists either…because it is a conflict of interest.


Physical Owned Physical Therapy Services are an avoidable REFERRAL FOR PROFIT conflict of interest.

The problems are clear to everyone now:

1.  It’s clear now what they are trying to maintain their kickbacks.

2. CA can’t afford this.

3. The cat is out of the bag – physical therapy care delivered at a POPTS is substandard care.

4. The public knows now that POPTS kill more PT jobs than create them.

5. POPTS are a monopoly – pure and simple.

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