The Deterioration of Health Care-Special Thanks to Hayashi, the COA, and the CMA

September 14, 2011

While you may think this is just a satirical cartoon, we would suggest it is daily common practice. California, its citizens, and independent physical therapy practices that are trying to hold on, are all getting screwed.

It’s not a double dip, or even a quadruple dip, but a DECUPLE DIP (10X) into the insurance company’s pocket and therefore, yours (the insurance company isn’t going to take a loss here)!

The fact is that doctors want to do everything they can to, as Dr. Grogan says,  monetize their patients:

-They prescribe drugs from their own dispensary at up to 1700% markup .
-They over-utilize x-rays
-They use ineffective modalities such ultrasound and e-stim 2-6x more than the independent physical therapy private practice.
-They over utilize MRI in which a new Stanford University study concludes “These increases in MRI use appear to lead to increases in low back surgery receipt and health care spending among patients of orthopedic surgeons.
-They have conflicts of interest galore with the medical device companies and under reporting side effects .
-They have a conflict of interest in owning specialty hospitals and surgery centers .
-They see patients for almost 2x as many physical therapy visits.
-It’s no wonder spine surgeons are the highest paid doctors according to the American Medical Group Association(as reported by Bloomberg)

Think this is all just rhetoric and puffery?  Think again.

We recommend you read this story of greed, pain, suffering and death and then contemplate the AARP’s position this week about “surgeries you should avoid”.

If consumers only knew the facts, they would be just as pissed off as STOP POPTS is and they might just rebel against the special interest groups like the CMA, Hayashi’s pork-barrel politics and cronyism that’s contributing to the rapid deterioration of health care.


PS: What happened to medical ethics?  The AMA’s position is “under no circumstances may physicians place their own financial interests above the welfare of their patients,”

AMA Council on Ethics and Judicial Affairs. Current Opinions. American Medical Association.

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