CPTA Leadership Makes a Trade – ‘Traders’ are What They Really Are!

February 7, 2012

Last week STOP POPTS received emails from a number of private practice members completely enraged about a “deal” that was struck between the CMA and CPTA leadership.

It seems that the California Physical Therapy Association, spear-headed by Dr. Paul Gaspar, PT, DPT, and Dr. James Dagostino, PT, DPT, compromised with the CMA and “unanimously” (according to a CPTA email) agreed to the bill language in SB 924.  This bill, if passed, would legalize POPTS as well as direct access.  It’s important to note that this bill has already gotten past the CA state Senate with 36 ayes to zero noes.

Our readers are aware of the fact that we are very, very strongly opposed to physician-owned physical therapy services (POPTS) because of the proven facts of:

  • financial waste,
  • massive conflicts of interest,
  • corruption
  • monopoly of physician referrals
  • patient abuse


It seems that we have ‘traders’ at the CPTA who again, put their interests and agenda ahead of the needs of their most supportive (both financially and with respect to time commitments) members.  It’s shameful.

Has our president James Syms, not read the facts on this blog?  Who would have thought that our CPTA leaders could have an approval rating lower than Congress!  STOP POPTS will be surprised if any of them ever get re-elected!

Moreover, shame on Paul “Brutus” Gaspar and James “Benedict Arnold” Dagostino.  Given the millions the CMA has spent on this issue, it begs the question if they’ve also bought off these two CPTA government affairs members, who we are told, are closest to the issue and negotiated this sell-out!  Some may not be surprised that Dagostino, a long-term CPTA insider, would agree to the compromise.  However, STOP POPTS asks, “Et tu Gaspar?”

NO COMPROMISE – That’s STOP POPTS’ Position.  Direct access is what the public and profession deserve but not at the expense of what’s in the best interest of patients.

Stop the Maddness – End POPTS!

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