The Greedy Smoking Gun of POPTS Doctors- Their Desire to Destroy Physical Therapists’ Jobs by Hiring Trainers for Pennies

March 27, 2012

Last year one of the most popular posts published on Stoppopts revealed incriminating content and advice for doctors who were opening physical therapy clinics with the objectives of increasing revenue and putting local physical therapy private practices out of business.

We published this article last year – it was a full recording of a doctor telling his physician audience how to do this.

The link to it was here – Reference: Click here to watch the entire presentation. SCROLL TO 8 MINUTES AND 17 SECONDS


Well – we did our homework and found the recording.  You can listen to it here:

In his presentation this doctor states:

There is some good news…having athletic trainers do PT and charging CPT codes for their services.

[regarding this Kentucky case] The appellate court ruled against it and the Supreme Court ruled in his favor.

This is another avenue and this supreme court victory may set the stage for this occurring in other states where you can just hire athletic trainers

One physician, after I gave a talk on this last year, had hired a chiropractor and had athletic trainers doing the PT and it shut down 60 percent of the business in South Carolina for the local physical therapy groups which I thought was kind of exciting [then he chuckles]…

Now the athletic trainers have a new bill, SB 1273, which is a clone of last year’s Hayashi bill, AB 374, which would have allowed athletic trainers to be licensed, bill insurance for services, and replace physical therapists and physicians’ assistants within POPTS and in general.  The bill is an UNRESTRICTED DIRECT ACCESS BILL for ATHLETIC TRAINERS, who earn Bachelors degrees and are educated to treat athletes on the field and in the training room.

You’d think the CMA would be opposed to unlimited direct access for ATC’s, wouldn’t you???  Their lack of opposition while opposing limited direct access for PTs  is a double standard and shows their true intent.  They want yet another passive income stream to kill more physical therapists’  jobs.  These are not Stoppopts words, they are the words in the Orthopaedic Surgeons’ SMOKING GUN presentation.

Unfortunately, they shot themselves in the foot with this SMOKING GUN!

Stop the Madness! California is broke. We cannot afford to legalize POPTS or allow non-PTs to perform physical therapy services.

It’s bad business, providing substandard care, and costs California Billions of dollars!

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