Referral for Profit is Common Amongst More than Doctors that Employ Physical Therapists (POPTS)

April 13, 2012

referral for profit medical corruptionWe’ve stated previously that referral for profit is not just a problem with physical therapy but also MRI and laboratory ownership.

Here’s yet another study that corroborates the large number of studies that conclude referral for profit is a major problem.


“This suggests that financial incentives prompt self-referring urologists to perform prostate biopsies on men who are unlikely to have prostate cancer. These results support closing the loophole that permits self-referral to “in-office” pathology laboratories.”

Click here to read the entire abstract.

We are supposed to trust medical doctors.  Medical ethics demands putting patients’ best interests before the doctors’.  Clearly that old-school concept is repeatedly being challenged!

The take-home lesson we wish to provide anyone that is prescribed physical therapy by a doctor is:

Ask the doctor if he owns the physical therapy practice, does the billing for these services or has any financial interest in the practice physical therapy practice at all.  If that referring physician does, avoid it like the plague and find an independently owned physical therapist in your area.

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