Wishy Washy Mary Hayashi’s ‘Spin Cycle’ Ends June 26th- Will She Vote For or Against SB 924?

June 21, 2012

The word is from Sacramento insiders that Mary Hayashi, the woman who killed direct access 3 years ago for no good reason, has considered authoring the bill now?

Is this some sort of ploy?  If it smells like a duck, acts like a duck…you know how it goes.

We here at STOPPOPTS despise the idea of the legalization of POPTS in return for direct access.

Legalize patient abuse – now that makes sense in this day and age of the self-serving political climate.

The only plausible reasons Mary Hayashi would want to be listed as an author on SB 924  are:

a. because she may be scheming with the CA Medical Association and CA Chiropractic Association to kill this bill and her being an author is part of the scheme.

b. it serves her perverted self interests in some other way that the public is not aware of.

c. she lost power and influence after shopping at Neiman Marcus and does not want to look like she got ROLLED 8-1 in her own committee.


We at STOPPOPTS are for direct access, make no mistake about it.

We are against the legalization of POPTS.

Either way, Mary Hayashi, with her past track record and illegal activities shouldn’t play a role in deciding the fate of SB 924 or any other bill for that matter!

Stop the Madness!



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