No Wrong Doing Found Between the CPTA and CA Physical Therapy Board

July 9, 2012

Almost a year ago we predicted along with Paul Gaspar and the CPTA that Mary Hayashi’s $200,000 audit of the CA Physical Therapy Board would find no wrong doing.  While the CPTA failed to oppose this investigation, until after the fact, Dr. Paul Gaspar’s statement that the investigation would be a waste of time and money was accurate.  Here’s a summary of the conclusion of the audit:

“We reviewed a total of 40 complaints lodged against physical therapy board licensees whom the physical therapy board investigated during fiscal years 2008-09 through 2010-11, and found that it followed the complaint process that it and Consumer Affairs established. In addition, we reviewed the physical therapy board’s relationships with professional organizations and found these relationships to be reasonable and appropriate given its role in regulating the practice of physical therapy. Further, the physical therapy board’s relationships with professional organizations are similar to those between other licensing boards and related professional organizations. Finally, we found the physical therapy board complies with the agenda, public-comment, and closed-session requirements of the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act.”

The CA Private Practice Group issued this press release in response to the findings:

Here is the link to the PR Web press release.

Here is a a link to the full audit report.


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