New York Times Story-Doctors Making Massive Profits Dispensing Drugs

July 12, 2012

How ironic.  As we’ve repeatedly stated, it’s not just physical therapy that is abused but MRI, lab, and “drugs”.

It’s parasitic behavior.

We blogged about this last year when The California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation reported massive referral for profit margins when doctors took advantage of patients and payers with 1700% markups.

Now the New York Times again reports similar abuses in this story here:

Insurers Pay Big Markups as Doctors Dispense Drugs


Doctors can make tens of thousands of dollars a year operating their own in-office pharmacies. The practice has become so profitable that private equity firms are buying stakes in the businesses, and political lobbying over the issue is fierce.

Yet another report in a long line of abuses.

The take-home message for patients-if your doctor dispenses drugs in his/her own practice to you, refuse them and ask for a prescription. If they refuse to give you the prescription, go to another doctor!!!


Patients and payers don’t deserve this.

Stop the Madness!!! End referral for profit!!!

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