Governor Brown Signals He Might Veto SB 924- The POPTS Bill

July 25, 2012

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Did you catch this one?  Governor Jerry Brown just signed into law a bill that was supported by the CMA.

This bill, (AB 1548) “increases penalties for illegally owning and operating a medical spa — a bill that the California Medical Association (CMA) supported.”

It is utterly shocking that the CMA, who were strongly in favor of legalizing POPTS (a clear-cut business model that puts financial gain ahead of patient care) would take such a position and make the statement below.

The public, physical therapists, and legislators just aren’t that naive!

Remember the CMA spent considerable time and money to back AB 1152 in 2009 and $2.4 million on lobbyists and other fees to back AB 783, Mary Hayashi’s failed attempt x2 to legalize the horrific and abusive arrangement of referral for profit.

Now they come out with this statement in their blog here (and we screen captured it so they can’t take it down):

“business models aimed at financial gain rather than safe and appropriate medical treatment cannot be tolerated.”

CMA – You Fool No One!  Again We See Right Through the Sham Smoke Screen

Interestingly enough, AB 1548 was a clone bill of AB 2566 which Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed.  His rational: “the medical board’s time was better spent investigating physicians accused of causing serious patient harm or death.”

We have to agree considering that the CA Medical Board has been accused of not doing its job of investigating claims of wrong doing by medical doctors as reported here.

This is in stark contrast to the Physical Therapy Board of California, under the purview of Governor Brown, that recently underwent a deep probing of it’s “procedural cavities” by order of who else, but convicted shoplifter Mary Hayashi (video of accusations here).  A complete waste of $200,000 of taxpayer money as reported in this blog post here.

It looks like Governor Brown might be on to the referral for profit scam occurring inside POPTS and medical spas.  STOPPOPTS applauds him for signing the Medi-spa bill and looks forward to his veto on SB 924!

Stop the Madness – This Has to End!

Put an End to POPTS! 

Put an End to the Corruption!

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