When a Bad Bill Gets Worse – Time to Pull The Bill CPTA?

August 18, 2012

In 16 seconds you will hear how the CA Appropriations Committee laid the foundation for a bad compromise bill (SB 924) to get much, much worse.

“Do pass as amended” – We at STOP POPTS, accept no amendments to a bad bill that with amendments as stated here, will only be made worse.

“…to require a diagnosis” – that was NOT in the bill. California Medical Association/CA Orthopedic Association corruption!

“After the initial 30 day period” – it is 30 business days not 30 days. California Medical Association/Hayashi-like corruption!

“To amend consumer disclosure language” – What does this mean?  Will this force physical therapists to incorrectly have to disclose that they are not competient to provide services?  The reality is that most doctors are incompetent when it comes to the delivery of physical therapy services.

“…and other technical amendments.”  Let’s see. What are those other technical amendments? Do you think they are favorable for CA consumers? Do you think they will save money? We bet not!

What you witnessed in the span of 16 seconds is a new low for the California Assembly along with special interest corruption.

Behind closed doors, without any public disclosure, they are legalizing POPTS, doing everything they can to prevent access to high-quality health care and it will cost California, easily by conservative estimate $500,000,000 in waste.  A clear example of why we are in such bad shape here in California.


A bit of advice – pull the bill now before it gets any worse.

Let Darrell Steinberg write in another bill that will prevent law enforcement of POPTS and we will publicize this to our end.   This is absolutely inexcusable.

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