Back-Room Dealings by Mary Hayashi and John Perez Threaten Seniors’ Coverage for Therapy in California

August 20, 2012

Mary Hayashi, John Perez, Tim Shannon

Amending SB 924 Behind Closed Doors-Diluting Direct Access, Legalizing POPTS, Killing Medicare Payment Too

Last Thursday, August 16th, the CA Appropriations Committee, passed SB 924 thru.  In our last post, we noted that that the chair of the committee, Assembly Member Mike Gatto, noted that amendments on diagnosis, limitations of 30 days of treatment (not 30 business days), and technical language were added.

Funnier yet, as of the date of this blog post, we can’t find the bill with its new amendments anywhere online – another example of corruption!

This newly amended bill, if passed, will have absolutely devastating results!

  • If SB 924 passes, it will dilute direct access to the point of having little to no value.
  • It will of course, legalize POPTS.
  • It will also write into the CA physical therapy practice act the limitation that does not allow physical therapists to make a diagnosis.

Federal regulations require physical therapists to put an ICD-9 code on the HCFA billing form with a diagnosis that is within their scope of practice rather than just regurgitating the diagnosis provided on the medical referral (which in 2/3 of the cases is either wrong or of no value – see that reference here).

If PTs can no longer diagnose, they cannot be paid by CMS for the treatment of Medicare patients.

It seems that Mary Hayashi and John Perez, with the blessing of Darrell Steinberg, are going to eliminate treatment to all Medicare patients by physical therapists in California.  STOPPOPTS understands that that the pictured legislators are not literally ‘pushing Granny over a cliff’, but such satirical cartoons have been drawn to depict others doing so for far less!

Stop the Madness!

An all new low of corruption paid for by special interest groups – the California Medical Association and California Orthopedic Association.

PS: seems Mary Hayashi’s pattern of behavior is consistently corrupt. She did the same thing to another group that can cut costs by 87.5% for care rendered to pets as well. You can read that story here. It’s hard to believe that special interests would plant a lobbyist and then fabricate a story like they did. Another fine example of the corruption that runs deep in Sacramento.

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