Perez and Hayashi Corruption Killing PT Profession-Worst Story to Date Reveals Terrible Truths

August 26, 2012

View the story on NBC by clicking here.  

We wanted to get it on our site before the powerful, corrupt assembly democrats attempt to take it down. In an unprecedented move blocking access to affordable and smart health care, Speaker Perez referred SB 924 to the Assembly Rules Committee on August 24, 2012 and it died on August 31st without being heard. Perez and Hayashi were the only 2 members of the legislature rejecting direct access. There were 63 ayes votes and only one no vote (Mary Hayashi) on the PT direct access this year! Was Mary not a fan of direct access, or did she also want to kill SB 924 to STOPPOPTS?

NBC story by Frank Snepp uncovers the corruption that is preventing Californians from accessing better health care.

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