The Corrupt Politicians Had It in for Physical Therapists All Along but PTs Have the Last Laugh – Hasta La Vista Mary Hayashi

October 31, 2012

It’s pretty clear to us at STOP POPTS that at least one corrupt leader is on her way out.

Great news for Californians, patients and physical therapists…we hope.

Mary Hayashi, the corrupt criminal that pleaded no contest to $2500 of shoplifting, is in last place in the race for Alameda County supervisor according to the polls.

Considering the recent revelations, we couldn’t be happier.

Here are some of the recent stories that turn our stomachs:

Hayashi Giving Big Raises to Her Friends to Save Her Home

A couple months back Mary Hayashi got caught with her hand in the cookie jar again.  She was reportedly losing money on her Castro Valley home so what did she do?  She gave her aide  a sizable raise and then rented her home back to him (Chris Parman) to finance her own mortgage.  Just another transgression in a long line of abuses committed by this criminal.

Darrell Steinberg Cites Hayashi’s “Values” and Endorses Her (click on the link for more)

Darrell Steinberg, Senate President pro Tem, that did a number on CA physical therapists by offering the compromise bill, SB 924, then let it die (don’t be fooled into thinking this was just John Perez’s doing), endorsed Mary Hayashi.  More evidence to us at STOP POPTS that Steinberg is corrupt, in the pockets of the CMA, and SB 924 was not only a bad bill, but had no chance in the first place.

Mary Hayashi is a Great Fundraiser Because She’s a Liar

Why is Mary Hayashi still around?  It’s because she can raise money.  That’s the only reason.  Why else would the democratic party tolerate her disingenuous, criminal behavior?  But how does she do it? Mary Hayashi misleads her Constiuents into thinking she voted in favor of issues that matter to her constiuents.  The reality, she doesn’t vote at and then changes the record after the fact as reported in this Associated Press story picked up by the SF Gate:

“Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, D-Hayward, who is seeking a seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in November, altered her vote more than any other member of the Assembly.

She failed to vote on legislation 291 times and then changed the record afterward to reflect a “yes” vote nearly every time.”

(click here to read the entire story)

Dr. Gaspar Had Enough and Started the MORALS PAC

Dr. Paul Gaspar, physical therapist, who has made great sacrifices for Californians and the PT profession, made a statement when he started the MORALS PAC (Masses Organizing Research Against Lying & Stealing) to educate citizens of Alameda County about Mary Hayashi’s transgressions.  We asked him about his PAC and he simply said,

“This woman has no business making decisions for Californians .  There’s no place for a criminal in our legislative system.”

Here’s the ad he ran:

The MORALS PAC Story Picked Up by the News Media

It appears that the media is interested in Mary Hayashi’s problems and the battle between her and Dr. Gaspar.  You can read more here:

We Commend Dr. Gaspar for His Dedication to Patients and the Profession

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