How to Get a Bad Bill Passed – The Inexcusable Actions of the CPTA Leadership

May 25, 2013

1. Buy Off Legislators – CPTA gave $20, 000 of PAC money (which comes mostly from private practice owners) to John Perez.
He’s the leader of the Assembly that killed last year’s compromise bill SB 924.

Buying Off the CMA

2. Forgo Your Ethical Obligations – as health practitioners physical therapists should be held to a higher standard.  That’s why the APTA developed its Code of Ethics.  The CPTA simply chooses to ignore them and is violating several points in the code.

3. CPTA Chooses to Ignore Its Members’ Wants and Needs

The Independent Physical Therapists of CA group published a survey of a sample of CPTA members and they don’t want this trade.  Click here to see that survey.


4. Ignore the Wisdom of Past and Present Leadership

  • Former CPTA President and Executive Director, Patti Evans opposes AB 1000.
  • Dave Hayes, former CPTA president opposes AB 1000.
  • Current PPS president Tom Diangelis and PPS oppose any such compromise.
  • PTPN president, Michael Weinper, PT opposes this compromise.
  • John Wallace, Former Director of the APTA Board opposes AB 1000.
  • The Physical Therapy Business Alliance opposes this compromise bill.

PPS President States He Opposes Any Compromise – It’s Against National APTA Bylaws

 Oppose Letter from the National Private Practice Section


Stop the Madness – Stop POPTS!  Patients deserve better!

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