References Galore About Patient Abuse and Fraud Associated with POPTS

August 6, 2013

NO ON AB 1000: Disastrous Fiscal Policy

A Sampling of Studies on Referral-for- Profit


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1.  President Obama’s 2014 Budget Recommends Banning Payment for POPTS

2.  Simpson-Bowles Federal Deficit Commission Recommends Closing In-office Ancillary Services Exception (IOAS) (see page 27)

3.  The Bipartisan Policy Center, chaired by Senators Tom Daschle and Bill Frist, MD Recommends Constraining Self-Referral to ‘Accountable’ Organizations in Concert with President Obama’s Vision (see page 66)

4.  US Senate Finance Committee Hammers Physician Self-Referral to Anatomic Pathology Services: In 2010, Increased “Self-Referrals” Led to More Than 900,000 Unnecessary Referrals Costing Medicare $69 Million

5.  US Senate Finance Committee Hammers Physician Self-Referral to Imaging Services: GAO Report Finds Physician Self-Referrals Cost Medicare More Than $100 Million Annually, Pose Risk to Beneficiaries

6.  Journal of American Medical Association Shows Greater Profits, Less Time Spent With Patients, Less PTs Hired in Favor of Unlicensed Personnel, and ‘Cherry Picking’ of Better Paying Insurances in POPTS.

7.  Office of the Inspector General Demonstrates 91% of Care in POPTS Falls Below Standard, Costing Medicare $136 Million in Fraudulent Care Within the State of Florida.

8.  New England Journal of Medicine Authors Show $233 Million Wasted in CA Workers’ Comp System for POPTS Referrals Based on Economic Rather Than Clinical Reasons.

9.  Med PAC Recommends Narrowing the In-Office Ancillary Services Exception Because of the Explosion in Costs Related to Self-Referral and the Fact That the Reason for the IOAS Was Proven Invalid

10. A New England Journal of Medicine Policy Paper Recommended Curbing Incentives for Self-Referral as an Important Step in Rational Health Care Reform

11.  Kaiser Recommended Limiting Self-Referral to Accountable Organizations Without Self-Referral Incentives

12.  Health Affairs Journal Cited Over-Referral to Urology Lab Services and Poorer Detection of Disease When Urologists Self-Refer to Their Own Lab

13. California Healthline’s Capitol Coverage Exposes Referral for Profit Fraud in Health Affairs Journal

14. Worsening Trends in the Management and Treatment of Back Pain


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