SB 1215 Predictably Dies but Carl London Must Go!

April 29, 2014


SB 1215 Killed – Referral for Profit is Alive & Well and CPTA Lobbyist Carl London Approves

If you thought that PTs would lose the referral for profit battle again…you were right.

CA Senator Hernandez’s bill, SB 1215 was shot down gaining only 1 aye vote…Senator Hernandez himself.

It’s really no surprise but what is surprising is the inside news we received.

Carl London offered to pull physical therapists from the bill if it would help the bill get passed.

You see, Carl London doesn’t see any problem with referral for profit.

Do You?

It’s time to clean up the CPTA’s house.  CPTA members deserve better and so do California patients.

Call the CPTA at 916-929-2782

Demand that Chris Powers, our CPTA president, remove Carl London immediately.

If healing is to occur, it has to start with solid principles & ethics.

Does Carl London have any principles?  How could he if he approves of Referral for Profit?

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